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And Then It Ate You

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And Then It Ate You is a tough survival roguelike game. Traverse a series of broken realms seeking your family. Dodge deadly monsters, clamber over the ruins of whatever denizens possessed the land ages ago, deal with the monstrosities they unleashed, and scrape a by-the-nails sustenance off of a series of unforgiving worlds.

And Then It Ate You demands patience, skill, patience, and willingness to pick yourself up and try again. The game features terrifying monsters, resource management, and adaptive difficulty. That's right: the game will, over multiple runs, figure out how good you are and become difficult enough to provide consistent challenge.

And Then It Ate You you currently has five unlockable characters, each with it's own starting kit and playstyle. Difficult-to-reach areas in the game world may yield powerful tools, and your character can gain a range of powerful abilities during each run: hurl arcane bombs, heal yourself, or fling yourself into the air in a desperate effort to pass through the next gateway.

And Then It Ate You was released on September 18th, 2017.